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Image:SAL Thru Tropical Florida.jpg|thumb|350px|right|Postcard illustrating the allure of streamliner travel to Florida, along with the "citrus" paint scheme used on SAL's Electro-Motive Diesel|EMD diesel locomotives from 1939 to 1954. The '''Seaboard Air Line Railroad''' , which styled itself "The Route of Courteous Service," was an United States|American railroad whose corporate existence extended from April 14, 1900 until July 1, 1967, when it merged with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, its longtime rival, to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. The company was headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, until 1958, when its main offices were relocated to Richmond, Virginia. The Seaboard Air Line Railway Building in Norfolk's historic West Freemason Street Area Historic District|Freemason District still stands and has been converted to luxury apartments. At the end of 1925 SAL operated 3,929 miles of...
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